Company Profile

TracksafeTM is a brand owned by Charzon South Asia. TracksafeTM is a Technology Brand specializing in the IOT environment founded on the principals of innovation, trend spotting, usability with a  sharp focus on Technology (Hardware & Software) & Services to empower customers to lead a safer, healthier and productive and connected life.

We @ TracksafeTM see ourselves as a major contributor to the Indian IOT revolution in areas of safety, security & healthcare.


To enable customers to receive on demand, customizable, real time information about their loved ones with the objective of keeping them safe, secure and healthy.


TracksafeTM aims to help over 250,000 Children, Elderly and Pets to be secure & safe, in India by 2018 through its Safety & Security devices & Apps with ‘real time monitoring’.

What Our Customers Say About Us

It’s a great peace of mind when both parents are working. Pretty much like the kid is with me anytime anywhere.

Snigdha Dhamija
Sr. Merchandiser, GAP INC. & Mother

Earlier loosing child meant: A) start screaming his or her name OR B) Ask people around, OR C) Leave it to Fate :-) … Today, there’s a better way. Tracksafe JUNIOR“

Rahul Karwa
Marketer, WPP Group & Father

‘My Son’s knight. Now I am with him even when I am not with him. Definitely makes life easier and less worrisome.

Manish Kakkar
Marketer, Greenlam Industries & Father

Shifting to a new city and I used to fear about my Son’s new school, his new school bus, the daily to and fro long trips and that how safe and secure would he be. However now with ‘Tracksafe Junior’ on his wrist, I have at least 10 less things to worry about.

Shruti Gill
Marketing Professor & Mother

Being a Techie myself, I believe technology makes life easier and simpler and more efficient. However this time it not only made my Son’s life more safe and secure but also gave me the much needed freedom from such worries.

Shivani Arora
Consultant, Tata Consultancy Services

For those worrisome moments when I am trying to keep an eye on my kids playing in the garden or in a Mall, for example, & suddenly discover that she isn’t there. It’s like my 3rd eye … only for my kids. :)

Payal Shah
Author, Entrepreneur & Mother