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Whey Protein Mass Gainer

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images Vegan- No Preservatives, Artificial flavors or Animal extracts

  • Provides an energy boost of 260.44 kCal per serving of 75 gms
  •  Highest protein content of 15.1 gms per serving
  •  Formulated for extra calories for people who need to gain body mass either for training or for those for whom getting extra calories from regular diet is a big struggle
  •  Consume with whole milk, fruits and nuts to make it delicious and overflowing with calories
  •  Reboots and maintains positive nitrogen balance so that your muscles also keep building
When To Take ‘ TPS MASS GAINER ‘?
Post Workout
Essential Intake Post-Workout

After an intensive training session, a quick recovery is essential, which can be achieved with TPS Mass Gainer

For Recovery of Muscles while you sleep

 While you sleep, it is the best time to recover the tired muscles with slow acting proteins such as Calcium Caseinate, which is included in TPS Mass Gainer

Before going to bed